Angela Bruno

Board Member


Angela Bruno is the managing partner at BRUNO | NALU.  She started her firm with her husband, Keith Bruno, in 2014. The two found immediate success after settling a case in mediation (for $100K more than asked in the referring attorney’s mediation brief) during their first month as partners. By June 2015, Angela participated in a wrongful death case against a major restaurant franchise that resulted in a $40 million verdict.  In the last several years, Angela has had renewed focused on settlement as the art of negotiation is her true passion.  She has earned great respect among the ADR community for her preparedness and commitment to the process. Angela not only takes her own cases to mediation, but will also mediate cases for other lawyers who have not found success within that forum.

For the last three years, Angela has been on the board of directions for OCLTA (Orange County Trial Lawyers Association), and she is currently the Membership Chair.  Angela seeks out opportunities to give back to the local community, and is passionate about helping people.